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How to fix automotive paint chips

What is the best way to fix paint chips on your car?

Paint chips on your vehicle occur when rocks or any sharp edge debris hits your car with enough force. Once it hits the painted surface of your car it can leave a small dent and even chip off the paint and leave what’s called a paint chip. This is a small crater on the painted surface of your car usually smaller than the size of a pea. While in most cases it can just chip off the clear coat, base or even go all the way down to bare metal there are two ways to fix paint chips that we are going to share with you. 

The best way to fix a paint chip on your car is by applying touch-up paint directly on to the paint chip using a fine tipped touch-up brush. You can get touch-up paint for your car from your local automotive dealership or from an online store that mixes and matches touch-up paint specifically for your vehicle. Using the fine tip touch-up brush and the paint that matches the color of your car you will need to dab the paint inside the rock chip multiple times allowing it to dry between layers to fill in the paint chip. 

Car Insurance Claim Process

Car Insurance Claim Process

You just got hit, and now you’re wondering what you have to do and what exactly is involved in the car insurance claim process. There are over 400 different types of insurance companies and whoever represents you is going to help you with your claim process. Having car insurance is meant to protect you and pay for the damages that are a result of an accident and which we call the claim process. The first step in filing your claim with the insurance company is taking down the information about the accident including the other person involved in the collision.


Obtain a Police Report

It is crucial to obtain a police report and if possible nearby witnesses. Always make sure that after the accident you take pictures with your mobile device, and you get the other parties information including name, address, insurance policy information, the year, make, model and VIN of the vehicle. If you are not injured, you can obtain the information yourself but if you are unable to gather this information and struck somebody to help you. You also have to call the police to file a police report. Having a police report will be crucial in helping you with your claim process. Depending on what state you live there are different laws for every state, and you have to make sure that you understand what your legal responsibilities are in your situation and what you have to do. You also have to contact your insurance company and notify them of the accident and give them the information you’ve gathered including the police report. If you’re able to take notes about the accident such as what lane you were in, the type of weather, the time of day and document in exact detail of how everything happened this could help you further down the road. Write it down on paper record video of yourself just explaining what happened. This can be helpful so you won’t forget all this information that will serve as evidence and help you with your claim process. Call your insurance company the moment you are in an accident but make sure you are out of harm’s way when you are on your phone talking to the agent or calling the police at the scene of the crash. Once you contact your insurance company or agent, they will instruct you what steps you need to take. If your car is totaled or no longer driveable at the scene of the accident let your insurance agent know and they could provide towing service for you. You could also just look up a local towing company that can tow your car away from the accident scene to your home, your preferred auto body shop or a storage yard.


Document the details about your Accident

Once the police report is entered into the database all the information that is gathered from the accident will be used by your insurance company to determine who is at fault. These matters can take some time since there will be a lot of going back and forth between the insurance companies. The police report, telephone conversations, written, and any other documented evidence will be used to determine who is at fault. It is the norm to go days without hearing from your insurance, but don’t sit around and wait for them to contact you. More than likely you will have an insurance representative assigned to your claim and that agent will be designated to work with you throughout the whole claims process. The claims adjuster that is how they mean your claim has several responsibilities and helping you get your claim settled as well as getting your car repaired. Most insurance companies will have the adjuster meet with you at your home to discuss the matters of your accident in detail. Any information you have including pictures should be given to the adjuster who will collect this information and use it to determine who is at fault. They might also go to the location where your damaged vehicle is at to inspect the extent of the damage it has. If your car is not at your house and instead is at a storage yard or a repair shop, they will visit with that facility and inspect your vehicle to write up an estimate for the repairs that need to be made to fix your car back to its original condition. The average cost for a collision repair varies depending on the severity of the collision. Insurance companies have their network of body shops that opt-in to be on a preferred list of shops that do repair work for those specific insurance companies. These are referred to as body shops in the DRP which means Direct Repair Program. Insurance companies give jobs directly to these shops that have exclusive deals with one another. Always look at your options when you are getting your vehicle repaired.



Contact your Insurance Company

If you can, get three to four different estimates from local body shops to find out what it would cost to fix your car and compare the different price points. Knowing this range of total cost to repair your vehicle will give you an idea of how much money is involved in fixing your car. Going with the cheapest estimate might not be the best way to go but going with the highest estimate doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a perfect repair. Insurance companies will try to save money anyway which possible and it is your responsibility to contact them and make sure that you are getting the most value from the insurance policy that is paying for the repairs of your vehicle. Depending on what kind of policy you have, some insurances will pay for your car rental if it is included in your policy plan. Some insurance policies have a max payout for car rentals and only allow a certain amount of time for you to use a rental car while your car is in the body shop getting repaired. Once your vehicle is in the body shop getting fixed the insurance company may delay in getting back to you but offer you the option to pay for the car rental out of pocket and tell you they will reimburse you once the claims process is further along. Avoid taking this option. Always try to have the insurance company pay for your car rental if you have car rental insurance on your policy. One of the reasons you want to do this is because some insurance companies only pay a maximum amount of  30 days and if the body shop takes 45 days to repair your car, you will be responsible for paying the difference for your car rental. Always make sure that you are in constant contact with your insurance company or agent to make sure your questions are answered and not delayed. Sometimes you might have to call the other parties insurance company to file a claim with them if they are at fault. Please make sure to get assistance and advice from a collision consultant or company before calling them. If you have severe injuries that involve medical bills hospital visits and days of not being able to work in some cases you might need to seek legal counsel and talk to personal injury lawyers that work on your case to get you reimbursed for any medical expenses as a result of your accident.

Get a Few Estimates to Fix your Vehicle

Your insurance company might refer you to one of their network body shops and speak very highly of them, but you are not required by law to accept the repair shops they recommend. Make sure your car gets inspected first by the insurance adjuster before doing any repairs. If your vehicle is severely damaged and it is at a body shop an initial teardown may be required to inspect additional components and parts of the car further to provide an estimate. This teardown process might include removing bumpers, trunks, doors, hoods, fenders, rims, sunroofs or other parts that help the adjuster look at the mechanical parts that might have been damaged as a result of the accident. It is a simple disassembly of components that cover the exterior of the car to inspect additional damage further. You can choose your repair shop of choice to fix your car, and you are never obligated to take your car to the body shop your insurance company recommends. When your car is getting repaired there are two different types of replacement parts for your vehicle. The first is an OEM which stands for original equipment manufacturer and the second is aftermarket parts. Your insurance company on some parts may not be obligated to pay for original equipment manufacturer parts which are the most expensive to replace. It is better to ask your insurance company what your options are if you’d like to have OEM parts installed on your vehicle instead of aftermarket parts. In most cases, you will be required to pay for some of the total cost when you use OEM parts.



Check your Insurance Claim Status Regularly

If you are disappointed with the way your insurance company or agent is handling your insurance claim, you have several courses of action that you can take to protect yourself. The first one is to contact your insurance agent whom you bought your insurance policy from and make sure they hold true to their word and help the customer who is paying a monthly premium. The insurance plan you have is meant precisely for these kinds of situations. The second step is to contact your insurance company and escalate your claim up the ladder and talk to a supervisor that’s overseeing your request. You could also request an independent appraisal if you feel that the decisions your insurance company has taken and repair in your car is less than average or you disagree with your insurance company totaling out your vehicle. When this happens, the insurance company totals out your car, and they are saying that to repair your car would cost more than what your car was worth in essence. They will advise you that it is not worth fixing. If they write you a check for what they think your car was worth in the condition it was right before the accident make sure and consult with a diminished appraisal company to get a second opinion. Having an independent appraisal company come out and inspect your vehicle to provide an estimate is the best thing you can do to get the most in return for your loss after your accident. So do your homework.


Another option you have is to contact your state regulators if you aren’t happy with your insurance claim or disagree with your insurance company. You can call and contact your attorney general’s office or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for your state. Last but not least you also have the opportunity to seek the legal advice of a lawyer to protect your best interest if you feel the insurance company is not representing you in good faith under your insurance policy and in most cases, these matters are resolved sooner than later. 


Do’s and Don’t when filing an Insurance Claim

A few relevant facts to consider when dealing with insurance companies are listed below to serve your best interest. 

Make sure that you fully understand the type of coverage you have on your policy before you give any recorded written statements to your insurance company.

  • Always seek the legal counsel of a lawyer and ask your insurance company not to record your telephone conversation as this could be evidence used against you if possible. 
  • You don’t have to accept the estimate provided by your insurance company or the appraisal of the loss your vehicle by the adjuster because most of the time they are usually lower than the actual cost to repair your car.  Providing these more economical, lower than average estimates to fix your car is how they save lots of money over time. In the end, it’s always too late by the time you find out that you were given a lower number than what it actually should have been. 
  • Please make sure to consult with an attorney before signing any releases or waivers regarding your claim or vehicle because once you sign that is you permitting them to do what they think is best. Remember the insurance is using your money to fix your car so you should take those decisions carefully and seek legal counsel with your attorney before signing your name on the dotted line. 
  • Insurance companies have time limits on your policy which require you to sign a proof of loss within a particular amount of time from which the damage has occurred. Some insurance coverages only give you up to one year from the day of the loss to your car to file a claim and get it repaired. Remember the insurance company works for you, and they must give you the exact coverage that you pay a monthly premium for.
  • Keep constant communication and put pressure on them to get your claims process moving along if you have to.
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